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Press release
EDF and SPIE join forces to promote energy efficiency among their customers
EDF, a leader in the European energy market, and SPIE, the European leader in electrical, mechanical and HVAC engineering, energy and communication systems, have signed a partnership agreement to promote energy efficiency.
In seeking to meet their customers' needs and to reconcile financial performance with managing the environmental impact of their activities, EDF and SPIE found they had a natural common interest in forming this partnership. By joining forces with SPIE, EDF has confirmed its commitment to promoting energy efficiency, renewable energies and environmentally efficient technologies.

EDF and SPIE join forces to promote energy efficiency among their customers

Two high-profile partners with a shared ambition
SPIE enhances the quality of the world around us by helping local and regional authorities and companies design, build, operate and maintain more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly facilities. Local presence, efficiency and responsibility are values that are strongly held by the Group which has been a resolute "player in the green economy" for several years. Implementing the principles of the United Nations Global Compact which the Group joined in 2003, SPIE is the first company to have obtained the "energy efficiency" accreditation awarded by SERCE (French association of electrical engineering and HVAC companies). On the strength of their continuing corporate philosophy and business activities, EDF and SPIE make natural allies to pursue their joint commitment to sustainable development and energy saving. Huge benefits for both parties
This partnership has enabled SPIE to confirm its commitment to sustainable development, while offering its customers high-end solutions and efficient equipment. For its part, EDF has undertaken to support SPIE with respect to its customers. As a result, these customers will be able to increase their competitiveness and the efficiency of their industrial facilities and/or premises. They will benefit from the most economical solutions and techniques with the lowest carbon emissions. The attractive prospect of cutting their energy costs and improving their carbon footprint, while maintaining the comfort, productivity and lifetime of their equipment, will further boost the confidence of SPIE's customers. Through this partnership, EDF, a top low-carbon energy supplier, is acting as a driving force to promote and implement effective, efficient solutions as it partners SPIE along the road to energy efficiency. Promoting the priorities of energy management and demand in France's regions
This agreement between EDF and SPIE encompasses the partnerships formed with the SPIE group's five regional operational subsidiaries:
  • SPIE Ouest Centre
  • SPIE Ile de France
  • SPIE Sud Est
  • SPIE Sud-Ouest
  • SPIE Est
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