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Press release
Electric mobility: SPIE and IBM launch a comprehensive solution for the supervision and management of electric vehicle charging stations

Cergy, 11 February 2015 – SPIE has announced the signing of a cooperation framework agreement with IBM to roll out a joint offering for the supervision and management of electric vehicle charging stations based on the Electric Vehicle Enablement Platform (EVEP). IBM, which developed this solution, will provide complete, optimised service for local authorities and private operators.

This agreement provides for collaboration between the SPIE and IBM groups to propose a joint offering for the installation, supervision, maintenance and technical and commercial operation of charging stations in France.

“As this market will expand considerably, notably owing to government incentives, SPIE turned to IBM – an experienced partner that has developed a central platform for the supervision and management of charging station networks – in order to put forward an independent, comprehensive offering,” says Bruno Vaslin, SPIE’s electric mobility infrastructure development manager. “We will now be the sole contact for our clients and we will also be able to offer services for their users. This will have the effect of boosting our presence on the market.”

Supervision: an essential tool for the development of charging stations

SPIE, specialised in the installation and maintenance of charging stations, will provide its excellent knowledge of the French market and tis players. IBM, a worldwide expert in information technologies, will provide its experience in managing charging station networks and related services with its EVEP system. This platform has already demonstrated its effectiveness, having been rolled out in a number of countries, including Ireland where it manages 1,000 stations. As well as managing the charging facilities of a growing number of operators and manufacturers, it also performs a full range of operator’s tasks (statistics on types and frequency of use, maintenance follow-up and link with users). Its parameters are modifiable and it can be adapted to suit operators’ needs and, even, motorists’ behaviour patterns.

This application is already equipped with a payment module, accessible on smartphone, which can be made available both to operators and to motorists. It is also compatible with nationwide charging point listing devices such as the system developed by France’s GIREVE organisation created to promote roaming electric vehicle charging. Another advantage for both operators and end customers is that all the equipment installed and managed by SPIE will be mutually compatible wherever they are located.

A strategy in line with the “Smart City”

As a major player in electric mobility in France, SPIE has already made an important contribution to installing charging station networks in various regions (including Vendée, Franche-Comté and the Nice-Côte d’Azur urban area, etc.). SPIE is also one of 19 major companies seeking to maximise the use of electric vehicles in their business operations By the end of this year, the Group will have acquired 330 commercial vehicles with a capacity of 3m3 and 400 two-seater company vehicles. Electric vehicles will eventually represent 10% of the Group’s overall fleet.

SPIE and IBM share a common strategic vision for the “smart city”, supporting the development of local and national policies for the provision of innovative services for both the general public and local authorities. They have now joined forces to develop uses based on the immediate needs of operators and users of charging stations. This collaboration may be extended to other fields (mobility, video surveillance, public service platforms, smart streets and lighting, smart grids, etc.).

“By combining SPIE’s close-knit network with the expertise of a world leader in information technologies like IBM, we are making a cloud-based operational French service available to users. It also ensures that this will be an open-ended platform customised for the use of each customer while provided shared functions,” explains Gilles Brazey, SPIE’S Deputy General Manager for France.

“We are particularly keen to be starting this collaboration with SPIE,” says Eang Ang Ong, an associate of IBM GBS France for the development of Smarter Cities solutions. “The many discussions we have had since 2013 show there is real convergence between our ideas on what ″smarter cities″ should offer: efficient, interoperable services capable of providing end users with unparalleled convenience. That’s what we’re starting to do with SPIE in the field of electric mobility.”



Pascal Omnès
Communications Director
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