Anne-Sophie Pignoux , SPIE ICS

Anne-Sophie Pignoux, a change in career

Published on 20 January 2020

In Bordeaux, to cope with the scarcity of applicants with IT training, SPIE ICS has used a new recruitment system, with the aim of training IT support technicians in record time. This was an innovative approach that succeeded thanks to the high levels of commitment of the operations managers.

At 40 years old, Anne-Sophie Pignoux is beginning her third professional career, by signing a permanent employment contract as an IT support technician.

After having worked as an administrative assistant, then in the social sphere, she now forms part of the SPIE ICS team that monitors the stock of IT equipment for the Bordeaux Métropole regional authority (18,000 units: computers, mobile phones, etc.). Anne-Sophie was recruited thanks to operational preparation for employment (OPE*). This system has been introduced by SPIE ICS, in partnership with Pôle Emploi** and the training organisation CESI (Campus d’enseignement supérieur et de formation professionnelle). 

OPE makes it possible to recruit people who are out of work and provide them with the required technical skills. Starting as a complete novice, in two-and-a-half months, Anne-Sophie has learned the technical foundations of her profession. The training was very short and “very intense,” she explained. The new technician praises the teamwork that has developed among her colleagues, as well as the kindness of her trainers and managers.

What’s next? “I would like to keep  advancing.” In the future, she aims to become an instructor and pass on the knowledge she has learned.

*Préparation opérationnelle à l’emploi in French.
**The public institution responsible for employment in France.

In addition to the technical skills, what really mattered to us in the candidate selection, it was their interpersonal skills as the support technicians are in constant contact with clients. Being able to see through the eyes of the person you are speaking with, to understand their issues, to speak the same language and to reassure them are qualities that are more difficult to acquire than IT skills. The OPE system has also enabled us to recruit different profiles, women in particular, who are still rare in IT, and to count on their progress.”
Cyril Méchiche, SPIE ICS
Cyril Méchiche, IT architect, SPIE ICS

Did you know?


permanent employment contracts signed at the end of the training


trainees followed OPE.


OPE is in place at SPIE ICS and SPIE Facilities in France.

SPIE and Operational Preparation for Employment (OPE)

SPIE and Operational Preparation for Employment (OPE)

SPIE innovates its recruitment and integrates new employees through the OPE (Operational Preparation for Employment), set up with Pôle Emploi and Vaélia. Discover this device that values ​​motivation and "soft-skills".