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Carine Vandelannoitte, magnetic collaborator

Published on 12 October 2023

Carine Vandelannoitte and the HR department at SPIE Belgium, West region, came up with an original idea: affixing magnets to staff members’ vans to reward their loyalty and attract new talent.

Carine Vandelannoitte began her career at SPIE in 2003 as an assistant at Vano (a company bought by SPIE in 2013), before going on to become a Human Resources Officer. She explains that “it has become difficult to find technical staff these days.” So together with her colleagues, she took an imaginative approach to attracting talent.

Our staff members are our greatest ambassadors,” explains Carine. Thirty or so staff members from the Wallonia, Izegem, Lokeren and Aalter regions, all of whom have been with the company for more than a decade, received personalised magnets to display on their vans.

The objectives of this initiative are threefold: to highlight their expertise, to raise awareness of our jobs and to demonstrate that SPIE is a good employer.”
Carine Vandelannoitte, HR Officer, SPIE Belgium

This project, which was well received by staff members, has been adopted by other HR departments and could become widespread in Belgium. “You don’t need a huge budget. With just a little creativity you can achieve maximum impact !” enthuses Carine.

Vincent Morel
Vincent Morel, Electrician, SPIE Belgium


Vincent Morel, who has worked as an electrician for SPIE for close to twelve years, is one of the staff members selected. “We received a memo informing us that all staff members who had been at SPIE for more than ten years were going to receive a magnet to place on their van. I received mine at the end of August and stuck it on straight away.” He jokingly added that “it really showcases us ‘oldies’."

Did you know?
  • SPIE Belgium recruited 205 people in 2021.
  • The average employee length of service is 10.9 years.