Christelle Perin, SPIE Nucléaire

Christelle Perin, network maker

Published on 07 March 2022

When it came to selecting a new contractor for preparing ready-to-install cables, Christelle Perin, supply chain project manager, SPIE Nucléaire (France), joined forces with the purchasing department to forge a partnership with an ESAT (établissement et service d’aide par le travail), a vocational rehabilitation centre for people with disabilities.

In charge of securing the quality and lead times of supplies for worksites and critical manu-facturing, Christelle Perin enjoys her role of interfacing with suppliers: “I look for solu-tions and bring people together.”Having joined SPIE three years ago, she was impressed by the company’s desire to help women adopt a positive view of technical professions through the So’SPIE Ladies programme. Christelle, who manages the supply of items such as electrical cables, quickly agreed to the collaboration with an ESAT, which was suggested by the purcha-sing department. “I instantly fell in love with the idea: it presents an exciting challenge and an avenue for changing the perception of disability within the company, a subject very close to my heart.”

SPIE Nucléaire was looking for a contractor to store around 200 reels per year, who could also cut the cables to the desired length to ensure that they would be ready for the inspections of the three nuclear power stations every ten years. Formalised last spring, the project began with the equipping of the ESAT site and training in technical procedures, which had been trans-cribed into adapted operating pro-cedures. This was followed by trai-ning to raise awareness of the traceability of documents in the nuclear sector. The partnership was led by a multidisciplinary team of six women, awarded in the Joint Application category of EDF and WIN France’s Fem’Energia competition.

Did you know?

ESATs are French medical and social organisations that aim to bring about the social and professional integration of adults with disabilities.

When sourcing the subcontractor, I contacted protected workplaces on the advice of SPIE Nucléaire’s purchasing manager, Hakim Haddouche. Having chosen an ESAT based in the Centre region of France, I supported, guided and reassured my points of contact before committing to the partnership that would see them performing tasks that were very different from their usual work. This is a project very close to my heart, as it supports the values that I stand for with regard to the acceptance of disability. We have worked hand in hand with this ESAT to find solutions at every stage. We have built a viable project of which we are all proud of.”
Noémie Brousse, SPIE Nucléaire
Noémie Brousse, purchaser in the purchasing department, SPIE Nucléaire (France)