Magdalena Kujawa, SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa

Magdalena Kujawa, high flyer

Published on 07 March 2022

There’s no time like the present to shake up stereotypes. In Poland, Magdalena Kujawa, technical manager, has risen through the ranks of technical facility management – a traditionally male industry that is fast changing.

Magdalena grew up blissfully unaware of gender stereotypes. “DIY has always been my thing,” she says, remembering keenly watching her dad doing repairs at home. For a teenager with electrician parents and a grandfather in the construction trade, technical university seemed a natural move. After graduation and eight years in a technical coordinator role, Magdalena joined SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa in Poland as a technical specialist. Her talents were quickly noticed and she became a technical facility manager, overseeing a logistics park with more than 200 square metres of warehouse space.

“SPIE saw my potential without looking through the prism of gender,” she says, grateful to her supervisors for their support. “Here, the number of women in technical and operational positions is impressive. I can spread my wings without any obstacles.” And she is already flying high. In August, Magdalena was a runner up in the Polish Top Woman in Real Estate awards and the winner of the online vote in the Facility Management category. Organised by an independent council, the award recognises successful women and the companies supporting them. As Magdalena says, “It’s an interesting signpost for the industry and a great honour for me.”

Fostering gender diversity



of SPIE employees are women in 2020



of key managerial positions are hold by women in 2020



Growth in women senior managers by 2025

The So’SPIE Ladies network”

SPIE is pursuing its commitment to gender balance, aiming to boost team diversity, drive women’s career development, and increase the number of women in leadership positions. SPIE’s objective is to raise the number of women in key managerial positions by 25% within the next 5 years. The So’SPIE Ladies network – including men – has organised recruitment campaigns, training and awareness-raising initiatives since 2015. Now, every recruitment for a key managerial position must also entail a female profile in the shortlist. The Group has also extended its women’s mentoring programme by members of the Management Committees to all countries