Olivia Long

Olivia Long, professional trainee

Published on 20 April 2022

While gender balance and diversity remain key issues in the engineering trades, SPIE UK is setting a good example for the industry by combatting stereotypes and promoting equal opportunity. Olivia Long, a professional trainee at SPIE UK, recounts her experience.

Olivia is passionate about engineering. Her role as a professional trainee focuses mainly on mechanical design; she is currently working on pipework systems for a biotech company.

The desire to make a difference and to find purpose in her career inspired Olivia to choose engineering: “I love seeing a design on paper being built into a fully working system which will be used every day.”

While women remain underrepresented in the sector, Olivia’s experience at SPIE has been very positive: “SPIE has helped me hugely in my career. The team I work with always encour-ages me and sees the potential in me.” Olivia was even profiled for SPIE’s International Women in Engineering Day, which cele-brates the accomplishments of female engineers every year. 

Looking ahead, Olivia’s experience at SPIE UK has taught her that anything is possible. She encourages other women to dare to dream big as well: “My advice to women is to take a leap of faith and be open to the exciting oppor-tunities that engineering can offer.”

The SO’SPIE Ladies network in the UK

At SPIE UK, female champions across the business work with both male and female colleagues to promote gender balance and combat stereotypes by raising awareness and challenging people’s perceptions.

The network has carried out a variety of workshops, awareness days such as International Women’s Day and International Women in Engineering Day, and ‘Future So’SPIE Ladies’ visits in partnership with schools.

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