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Onome Magbegor, skilled mechanic

Published on 25 September 2023

The Nigerian subsidiary of SPIE Oil & Gas Services has built a training centre in Port Harcourt. We hear from Onome Magbegor, about his experience training at the centre and the importance of upskilling for all.

As a mechanical foreman, Onome Magbegor has to perform varied roles for SPIE and the client TotalEnergies: “My mission is to render quality services and scheduled maintenance, respond to breakdowns, diagnose faults, supervise engineering and repair equipment,” he says. Staying on top of the latest skills in all these roles enables Onome to perform at his best. “Greater understanding leads to better performance,” he says. “I’ve been lucky enough to attend in-person training at Port Harcourt in a range of skills, including pumps, compressors, hydraulic systems, alignments, remote virtual reality techniques, electrical suit training, and more.” Each course takes at most five days and training gives participants direct, hands-on experience in using different equipment and putting skills into practice.

Onome adds he will seize any future opportunities to learn more skills at the centre and develop a career path in plant management.

Training generates improved skills, knowledge and confidence Knowledge is power.”
Onome Magbegor,, Mechanical foreman, SPIE Oil & Gas Services
John MacNeil, Training Coordinator, SPIE Oil & Gas Services *Now assigned to Denmark, replaced by Alun Gale.


SPIE’s Port Harcourt training centre offers certifications accredited by the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation (OPITO). According to John MacNeil, the centre’s Training Coordinator, “The OPITO accreditation allows us to train our technicians to global standards.” 

Through this training centre, SPIE is demonstrating its commitment to safety to its clients, as well as its dedication to fostering local knowledge. But the local team isn’t stopping there: they aim to become the market-leading training centre in Nigeria. “We’re extending the process system in the workshop, for instance adding the ability to mix and separate oil and water, which will allow us to add more accredited courses to our training portfolio,” says John.

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