Pascal Morlet - SPIE CityNetworks

Pascal Morlet, vigilant watchman

Published on 14 January 2020

By influencing behaviour and providing teams with safer equipment, SPIE CityNetworks strives to ensure that optimal levels of safety are maintained during lifting operations.

Every day, Pascal Morlet, equipment service manager at SPIE CityNetworks, supervises a fleet of over 900 light-duty vehicles and 700 elevated work platforms, trucks and working machines. He believes his job is: “to make all equipment safe to better protect people.” As a technical safety advisor for lifting operations, this is his motto. 

During his 39 years at SPIE, he has successively occupied the positions of worksite manager, business manager, and equipment service manager. No wonder he has gained a perfect understanding of the field and occupational risks!

“I monitor technological developments to anticipate future requirements and  provide the teams with the safest and most up-to-date equipment, such as trucks, specifically adapted to erect poles made from composite material, those we are using for fibre optics,” he reveals. “We are gradually phasing out lever‑controlled cranes and replacing them with remote –controlled machines – the operator no  longer needs to be on the bridge to manoeuvre them, meaning there is less risk involved.” 

Pascal is also responsible for carrying out general biannual inspections of the machines. In addition, since safety is applied mainly in the field, he visits the worksites once a week “to see how the machines are  being used, to check whether the teams need any better-adapted equipment, and to take part in safety talks.”

The crucial factors for a risk-free lifting operation”
  • Certification: I have the proper training and/or certification. 
  • Compliance: The equipment is compliant and is adapted to the operation.
  • Preparation: The operation has been prepared ahead of time, with the client and the subcontractors. 
  • Safety: A safety zone has been physically marked out, in order to protect employees and the general public.
  • Inspection: I monitor my working environment.
  • PPE: I wear appropriate PPE. 

Did you know?


machines specifically for erecting poles


The SPIE CityNetworks South-West operational division’s fleet travels more than 17 million kilometres per year.


The operational division covers 25 French administrative departments