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SPIE: Supporting Territories and Valuing Talents

Published on 08 February 2024

Embodying responsibility and inclusiveness for regions

SPIE is a central stakeholder in regions, actively participating in local economic and social life. Through its projects, the Group enhances their appeal and helps them project themselves into the future. As a responsible employer, it contributes to creating economic vitality and quality jobs.

Nasar Fazil tells us about his career at SPIE.

I first started at SPIE as a trainee in 2008. Then, with my electrical technician’s certificate firmly in hand, I was hired as an installer at the Croissy-sur-Seine site in 2010.


After that, I worked my way up to team leader, team manager, site manager and finally business officer in 2020. Today, my job covers a wide range of responsibilities, from tender bids to project work and customer relations. I’ve been part of some great projects, including the headquarters of a French listed company, which led to other One SPIE assignments with SPIE Facilities. I owe a lot of my career growth to my first manager at SPIE. She was such a pleasure to work with and, when she saw that you were giving it your all, she helped you move up. I do the same with my teams today. I was also lucky enough to be able to improve my legal knowledge and management skills through various training courses. I still learn new things every day from my manager, who gives me the benefit of his experience

Following my presentation to the management committee last summer, I was promoted to manager and have been holding the position of Business Manager within the Proximity Electricity teams at the Pleyel site since July 1, 2023.  In the future, the next step would logically be to advance to a position as Business Director.

SPIE gives you a chance, whether you have qualifications or not.”
Nasar FAZIL, Business Manager at SPIE Building Solutions in France

I have a lot of colleagues who started here with no qualifications and moved up. And personally, when I hire technicians on work-study programmes, my goal is to offer them a permanent position at the end and help advance their careers. SPIE provides a range of benefits too, such as employee shareholding. But most importantly, you get to work on big-name projects that you don’t see anywhere else.


Supporting Territories and Valuing Talents - Interview with Nasar Fazil

Nasar Fazil shares his journey within SPIE, having joined the company in 2008 as an intern. Over the years, he has successfully climbed the ranks to achieve his current status as a Business Manager.

My name is Nasar Fazil. I am a Business Officer at SPIE Building Solutions located in Saint-Denis, France. I am currently working on a project to replace high-voltage loops on the campus where the SPIE group head office is located. It's a point of personal pride for me because I was given the opportunity to draw up the commercial proposal and the technical memorandum myself, and the quality of our proposal made us stand out against our competitors.
Today, I am proud of my development within the SPIE group. I didn't expect it to happen like this. I joined SPIE in 2008 as part of a study internship, and in 2010 I was hired as a fitter. The opportunity to take on managerial responsibilities came quite quickly. I manage and lead my team fairly, and help them to grow, as I myself was able to grow here at SPIE. The goal is to be able to mix up the teams, putting together people with different levels of experience, to help all the younger team members feel more at ease in physically performing their activities: after all, the job of electrician is a manual job but also an interesting job. The aim is to enable them to be future SPIE employees.
My job gives me the opportunity to work with other companies on different sites and, I can say that, at SPIE, we really have a culture of helping our employees to grow. Today, SPIE also gives you the chance to become a manager via a specific programme, which I am currently following. I trusted the company, and the company trusted me. I chose to remain loyal to the company and I don't regret my decision.