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Press release
Eneco and Allego put their trust in SPIE in their approach to the environment

Brussels, July 11th 2017 – SPIE Belgium, a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is supporting Eneco and Allego in their 100% electric steps.

SPIE is committed to environmental matters and is conducting an efficient sustainable development policy. In order to help reduce greenhouse gases, SPIE is engaged in particular in a green economy drive applied to all its areas of business. With this objective in mind, the Group seeks not just to reduce its own everyday impact on the environment, but also supports its customers in their approach to the environment.

Today, SPIE Belgium is supporting two energy players whose goals it fully shares, in particular safeguarding our planet's resources. Eneco and Allego both aim, indeed, to speed up global transition to a sustainable energy plan.

The green energy producer, Eneco has chosen to join forces with SPIE Belgium for the installation of charging stations intended for national companies. SPIE's Maintenance department has thus installed several hundred charging stations for Eneco, notably at UCB. Today, whoever charges their vehicle via an Eneco charging station is running on 100% green electricity. A service offered by companies, both to their staff and to their visitors and customers.

Allego, who develop custom-designed charging solutions and offer e-drivers an accessible and affordable way of charging their electric car, are planning to install 300 electric charging stations, thanks to SPIE Belgium. The company has already installed around twenty fast electric charging points in Belgium. Located in Total service stations, these charging points enable electric vehicles to be fully recharged in less than 30 minutes.

Christian Deleener, Senior Business Development Manager at SPIE Belgium, is satisfied with this development: "At SPIE, we are putting our convictions into practice through our commitments. Today, we are increasing the number of project sites where sustainable development is a central concern and we're very proud of this. We intend on extending our experience still further in this sector and these two fine references will unquestionably help us achieve this."



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