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Press release
Energy efficiency - A key priority for electrical contractors SPIE, first holder of SERCE Energy Efficiency accreditation
SERCE (French association of electrical engineering and HVAC companies) has awarded SPIE its Energy Efficiency qualification. This accreditation has come bang on cue as France's Grenelle environment forum tightens up requirements for the housing sector.

"Energy efficiency": a guarantee of performance and economy

Energy performance contracts, energy saving certificates, energy efficiency services, high environmental quality... These newly-coined expressions are among the growing number of terms spanning a bewildering range of meanings that have emerged with the increasing emphasis on the efficient management of energy consumption.
SERCE set up the SERCE Energy Efficiency accreditation scheme in order to help its public and private sector customers and its members choose suitable service providers, with the aim of making installations more efficient and reducing energy consumption.
The launching of this scheme coincides with the focus on energy performance diagnostics in discussions at France's Grenelle environment forum. Experts have agreed to reinforce energy efficiency standards for the building sector which has been identified as the most energy-demanding sector in France.

Measuring energy efficiency is becoming a crucial requirement

This accreditation scheme is all the more important because energy efficiency is now a key requirement in specifications drawn up by clients in both the public and private sectors. It enables them to identify companies able to carry out optimal energy efficiency assessments and projects.
The two essential criteria to be met in order to obtain accreditation concern company organisation (with a national sales officer, regional sales delegates and project managers) and staff training (in regulations, energy performance diagnostics, energy choices, improvement proposals, guaranteed results, and skilled use of modelling software).
SPIE's four-day training programme, designed by the SPIE Technology Institute and implemented within the Group according to specific needs, has been recognised and approved by SERCE. Trainees' knowledge is then updated by annual one-day top‑up courses and regular bulletins describing the latest technological developments and changes in regulations. SPIE CEO Gauthier Louette comments: "We are very pleased to have played out part in supporting SERCE and to have anticipated the changes in the market and our customers' expectations."

SERCE leading the way

SERCE's members include 250 specialist companies (SMEs and large firms) performing work and services for industrial and commercial-sector installations, electric power networks, and information and communication systems. Its aims include optimising new techniques and developing employee qualifications.
Being independent of equipment manufacturers and electricity suppliers, SERCE is well placed, among other players in its field, to legitimately establish an accreditation scheme.
By securing SERCE Energy Efficiency accreditation, SPIE has shown its clear commitment to the management of energy consumption.

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