Major projects

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Energy performance contract – primary schools of Bordeaux

Following the call for tenders launched in 2008 by the city of Bordeaux, SPIE Sud-Ouest won the contract for the heating installations of the city’s 71 nursery and primary schools. 

The five-year contract covers the maintenance and operation of collective heating installations (including 89 boiler rooms), collective DHW installations and the management of control equipment. Through this contract, the city aims to achieve optimum energy performance in its municipal buildings. The inventory conducted in conjunction with city officials helped to draw up a classification system of the least energy-efficient facilities and to plan renovation work during summer holidays. In May 2012, a 30% overall drop in energy consumption was recorded for all boiler rooms: natural gas consumption dropped by 5 GWh, representing a savings of €264,000. The carbon assessment of the facilities was also positive, with a 1,175-tonne drop in CO2 emissions. Through May 2013, 35 facilities have been overhauled in the framework of the progress plan.

A plan to reappraise the customer’s needs was also adopted, leading to a shift in strategy for the energy progress plan outlined at the outset of the contract. Innovative technology was installed at all compatible facilities. Bordeaux is now home to the only school in southwest France equipped with a natural gas heat pump, generating an energy savings of 20%. Three sites were equipped with pulse combustion boiler installations, while the other sites were renovated with modulating condensing boilers that adapt to outside temperature.

The energy optimisation upgrades at the Bordeaux schools contribute to the city’s goal of reducing its energy consumption by 38% by 2014:

  • -20% from buildings
  • -15% from equipment
  • -3% by changing user behaviour

To continue to pursue this goal of energy efficiency, the contract included an optional progress plan designed to help Bordeaux use the skills of its service providers to identify targets requiring priority treatment. In its relations with its service providers, the city hoped to find committed partners, and SPIE Sud-Ouest fulfilled this role.