Energy transport

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SPIE designs and optimises liquid, gas and electricity distribution networks for customers around the world under the best safety and quality conditions. In this activity, SPIE works to promote energy and environmental performance.

Installing utility networks

SPIE supports its customers in their utility network projects, including:

  • high- and low-voltage networks installed above and below ground,
  • district heating networks,
  • dry utilities,
  • telecommunications networks.

SPIE also uses its expertise in electrical engineering and HVAC services to improve energy efficiency at customer facilities. In 2011, SPIE won a contract to build two boilers (wood and natural gas) connected to a heating network in Graulhet (Tarn, France). In electricity, SPIE helped renovate the public lighting system on the Île de Ré bridge in France’s west coast. The system can now be adjusted and managed remotely, making it possible to limit the electricity consumption of the bridge lighting system.

SPIE also manages repair work on damaged networks. For example, more than 300 SPIE employees worked to restore the region’s electricity and telecommunications networks after winter storm Klaus tore through southwestern France in 2009.

The Group’s expertise also includes the installation of medium-voltage electricity networks. SPIE recently connected France’s Toul-Rosières solar park to a 33-kV medium-voltage network, supplying enough electricity to power a town of 62,000 residents.

Optimising liquid and gas networks to improve efficiency

SPIE is a specialist in liquid and gas network management, designing, installing and maintaining networks for hot and cold water, specialty gases, steam and more. With expertise in a broad range of activities, including piping, HVAC systems, electricity and automated systems, SPIE has the capacity to offer solutions adapted to its customers’ safety, quality and environmental requirements. For example, SPIE designed and installed networks for hot and cold water, heat, process water and compressed air for a central sterilisation unit serving the hospitals of the Meurthe-et-Moselle department in France.  

Renovating transformer stations

SPIE also has expertise in building and maintaining electrical transformer stations. In 2008, the Group supplied and installed 11 step-up transformers (690/20,000 V) at a wind farm in Longuyon, France. SPIE also performs design studies, such as for EDF’s 90/15-kV substation in Vauban, France. This included low-voltage work and the construction of a firewall and a transformer bank.