Fossil energy production

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With a presence in the world’s main oil and gas regions (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Europe), notably through its subsidiary SPIE Oil & Gas Services, the Group supports operators with hydrocarbon exploration and operation. SPIE relies on its wide range of expertise and local resources to enhance industrial procedures under optimal safety, deadline and quality conditions.

Strengthening and promoting hydrocarbon production

SPIE employs sophisticated methods and technologies to optimise its customers’ oil production, even under the most complex offshore (deep-water) and onshore (bituminous soil) production conditions.
SPIE also has expertise in oil treatment: on the Jubail site in Saudi Arabia, SPIE is helping to launch one of the world’s largest refineries, with a capacity of 400,000 barrels per day. More than 100 SPIE specialists were allocated to the project (electrical, instrumentation, alarm systems, mechanical parts, piping, etc.). SPIE is also responsible for coordinating all necessary resources for commissioning and managing the delivery schedule to the site.

Developing the LNG chain

SPIE supports the production and storage of liquefied natural gas (LNG), an alternative to rising production costs and increasing oil scarcity. Today, Qatar is the world leader in LNG production, and SPIE has delivered its expertise over several years to the Qatar-based Ras Laffan plant through an operation and maintenance contract for its seawater pumping and treatment equipment. In 2011, SPIE also signed a maintenance contract for the production installations on the Amenam site in Nigeria. With a capacity of 80,000 barrels per day, this complex includes 2 production platforms, living quarters, 3 well platforms and 2 tripods.

Training local teams

Taking an active role in skills development, SPIE manages the training of local operators and technicians from its centres of excellence in Africa and the Middle East. SPIE boasts recognised experience in designing customised training programmes, transferring technical knowledge, and recruiting top international candidates. In Iraq, the Group is training Russian oil company Lukoil’s future production and maintenance technicians in every aspect of the business: technical competency, academic knowledge, and personnel and facilities safety.