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Press release
Grand Lyon renews its confidence in SPIE Sud-Est with CRITER maintenance contract

CRITER – the traffic control system used by Grand Lyon (Greater Lyon) – handles traffic congestion on 2,400 km of roads and optimises traffic management by implementing operating strategies that can be operated automatically or manually.

CRITER has gradually developed into an indispensable communicating system. It is linked to other widely known information systems, such as CORALY and the Onlymoov’ website, to provide road users with real-time information on traffic conditions.

This system was designed and set up by SPIE which has ensured its operational maintenance since it was commissioned in 2001.

CRITER communicates with and controls the following equipment in real time:

  • 1,400 traffic light controllers linked into a fibre-optic and 3G network,
  • 90 retractable bollards,
  • 45 variable-message signs,
  • 2,400 video cameras,
  • 620 measuring stations.

The maintenance of the CRITER system calls for excellent synergy between various units working in close cooperation.

  • Teams from the urban mobility service (MU) of the IET department maintain and upgrade the central information system’s real-time software and hardware, local area network and front-end communication equipment.
  • The maintenance teams (MSIT) of the IET department maintain and upgrade the communication network equipment (fibre-optic, copper, radio and 3G).
  • Under a network extension contract, external works teams from the Lyonnais operations department are connecting additional road junctions to the CRITER system.
  • Furthermore, a recently awarded contract for the renovation of the traffic video-surveillance system (see the news flash dated 19 September 2014) has tasked the IET department’s road information systems (SIR) teams with interfacing with the CRITER system.

The new four-year maintenance contract, based on individual orders, came into effect on January 1st, 2015.


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Head of Department
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