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Press release
Green economy: SPIE Sud-Est optimises the energy efficiency of 200 public buildings in France’s Rhône department

For the next four years, teams from the Lyonnais operational department will be collecting and processing fluid consumption data for all junior high schools and other public service buildings in the Rhône department, before implementing corrective actions and gauging their effects.

The aim is to pinpoint and stop cases of waste, such as water leaks and heating not being shut down at the end of the winter season, and to trace and rectify failings in order to optimise the operation of installations while preserving the comfort of the buildings’ occupants.

The contract

Scope: Supply and install measuring points and all central processing hardware and software.

A test phase is to be conducted on 12 to 15 buildings in order to perfect and evaluate the system before deploying it to all the buildings, which cover a total area of about one million square metres.

The system will monitor and analyse a comprehensive range of measurements:

  • Metering:
    • Energy and power sources: electricity, gas, heating oil, biomass, renewable energy production, etc.
    • Other fluids (water, etc.)
    • Other metered data such as numbers of occupants, kilometres and vehicles
  • Current data:
  • Weather data: temperatures, atmospheric pressures, etc.
  • Influence factors such as: air quality, noise, CO2 levels
  • Logic switches: alarms, surveillance, etc.

The data logged and analysed will be used to draw up management charts covering, in particular:

  • current and cumulative consumption,
  • comparison of consumptions per square metre,
  • installation performance analysis,
  • savings estimates,
  • building energy signature.

SPIE Sud-Est is supervising and implementing the whole system:

  • Supply, installation and cable or radio connection of measuring apparatus,
  • Follow-up of services provided by our partner, Ubigreen, which is to install, integrate and set up software packages,
  • Maintenance of the system for the duration of the contract:
    • Telview call centre,
    • equipment preventive and corrective maintenance work.

This contract is worth €200,000 a year for four years to SPIE Sud-Est.


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