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Greenhouse gas emissions: discover SPIE's innovative offer for electric car

Human’s overuse of greenhouse gas is causing global warming. To protec t the environment and achieve the objectives of reducing CO2 emissions, it is necessary to promote urban mobility and clean modes of transportation. SPIE supports sustainable development and helps operators developing the electric car charging infrastructure.

In the past few years, Europe has gone through the initial adoption phase of electric mobility: Europe’s electric vehicle market surged by 37% in 2014. Electric car sales have increased by more than 60% since 2013, and the year 2015 should be a crucial turning point. In France, the energy transition for green growth sets goal to install 7 million charging stations by 2030.

One of the possible responses to the CO2 emissions drop is indeed to promote new patterns of mobility (particularly in big cities), and non-polluting transport, or with a reduced environmental impact. In the city, the full electric and open-access car sharing service meets these criteria.

A new generation of charging stations for electric vehicles

To support this development, charging stations must contain a high level of energetic performance: the current stations have a power ranging from 3.6 kW to 50 kW for the rapid charging station (in half an hour). But the speed of charging is not the sole criterion. Today, to convince users and conquer the market, the electric car charging stations must be connected to a network. From 2015, the localization and inventory of the charging points on a platform at a national and European level are required.
To meet the needs of users, charging stations must therefore integrate modern monetization services and digital technologies: users must easily locate a charging station, pay online, and then reload quickly and easily their vehicle.
Thanks to its expertise in electrical communication and modern technologies, SPIE has made charging stations installation for electric cars for many public and private actors within France and Europe.

SPIE's response to the needs of operators and users

SPIE provides facilities adapted to technical constraints, electrical communication and configuration of the location of its customers. Ensuring also consulting missions, SPIE guides the operator in his choice of the most appropriate charging infrastructure.
In order to meet the requirements of the operators and electric car users, SPIE imagined an offer for an innovative and connected electric mobility: a full service for operators which aims at supporting them in the management, operation and maintenance of their charging stations network. SPIE provides several optional services such as cloud technology, curative and preventive maintenance, monetization and customer services 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.