Major projects

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Hamard SA Crosses Lake Geneva... Using Fibre Optics!

Hamard SA played a key part in the successful unfurling of the new fibre cable along the bottom of Lake Geneva. The preparations had taken more than two years.

Thanks to the underwater link-up, State and para-State buildings on both sides of the lake can now be connected.

The cable is also being used to boost the security of the network used by the public administrative buildings, through infrastructure loop-in.

Last but not least, the link has made it possible to connect certain lakeside municipalities more difficult to reach via land, increase the network’s capacity and get a head start on the development of the State of Geneva.

The cable consists of 432 optic fibres divided between 9 stainless steel tubes.

Despite sometimes challenging conditions, the teams at Hamard SA were able to deploy the cable as planned – all 2,744 kg-per-kilometre of it!



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