Health and safety

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Mindful of its responsibility to its employees and partners, SPIE demonstrates its commitment to health and safety in all of its efforts by developing a culture of prevention at every level. A leader in this area, the Group has made “zero accidents” a tangible objective and a performance driver.

Safety on every level 

Because SPIE works in a variety of different sectors and professional contexts, the Group remains permanently vigilant to safety issues. Anticipating risk and rigorous safety management are the cornerstones of its approach in every geographic region and at every facility. 

In addition to this approach, safety is a central managerial commitment that drives the Group’s performance: engaging and listening to everyone involved on our projects is a crucial part of strengthening this culture of prevention. 


Commitment on every level

Whether permanent or temporary, senior or newly hired, every employee is an ambassador of the company. They represent the face of SPIE Safety, both on the job and on the road. Through their exemplary behaviour, our managers serve to lead this commitment.

All newly created entities are committed to the same prevention approach. In this way, SPIE’s responsibility in matters of safety contributes to its development. 


High standards of prevention

Safety is an integral part of the Group’s performance criteria (extra-financial indicators) [lien vers le RA interactif]: SPIE has made its Safety and Prevention Standards more demanding than current legal regulations.  

The following measures are in place to execute the Group’s commitment to prevention:

  • Coordinating systematic preventive safety visits to worksites 
  • Organising training sessions on safety management 
  • Designating a Health and Safety Prevention Director to coordinate all existing procedures and standards 
  • Setting up workshops and brainstorming sessions to help identify hazardous situations 
  • Monitoring and documenting occupational stress and fatigue 

We also require our service providers to follow all Group standards.


Safety: a performance driver

With a rate of work-related accidents at half the average for its sector, SPIE is now the safety leader in its industry as it continues to pursue its target of “zero accidents”. 

For the Group, innovation in safety procedures is a performance driver: it drives SPIE’s growth and appeal, whether it comes from employee experience, information sharing within our businesses or customer demands.