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Press release
Heating installations for Bordeaux nursery and primary schools: over 30% energy savings in four years

Toulouse, 10 December 2012 - SPIE Sud-Ouest announced over 30% energy savings for heating installations throughout 71 nursery and primary schools in Bordeaux since 2008.
€264,000 savings on the gas bill
SPIE Sud-Ouest won the heating installations contract for the City's 71 nursery and primary schools following a call for tender launched by the City of Bordeaux in 2008. This five-year contract covers the maintenance and use of collective heating installations (89 boilers), collective DHW installations, and the management of control equipment. The City's objective: to achieve optimum energy performance in its municipal buildings.
An inventory was conducted in conjunction with the local authorities. This was used to draw up a classification system of the least energy-efficient installations. Works took place during school holiday periods. In May 2012, an overall drop in energy consumption of 30% was recorded for the 89 boiler installations. The five GWh gas savings generated represent €264,000. The carbon assessment is also positive with a 1,175 Ton drop in CO2 emissions. In May 2013, a total of 35 installations will have been overhauled in the framework of this progress plan. Reassessment of needs
"We took a systematic approach, involving an assessment of the client's needs and the subsequent integration of our findings into a strategy in the framework of the energy improvement plan established at the outset of the contract", said Christophe Bonnenfant, Head of the Aquitaine Maintenance & Services Division. "In some facilities, the power installations were far more powerful than actual needs." The Schweitzer nursery and primary school was one of the priority sites due to its energy-intensive installation. Savings of 30% were recorded for the first year.
Innovative technologies were implemented throughout all compatible sites: Bordeaux has the only school in South-West France that is fitted with a gas heat pump (20% energy savings). Three sites were equipped with pulse combustion boiler installations, and the other sites were refurbished with modulating condensing boiler installations accounting for outdoor temperatures. An ambitious energy efficiency plan
The energy optimisation works performed throughout Bordeaux's schools met the City's objectives for 38% energy savings throughout its municipal buildings by 2014 (- 20% for buildings, - 15% for installations, and - 3% through changes in user behaviour).
"We drew up a new sustainable development charter for the City in 2007. When the Grenelle Environment forum was held in 2008, we were well-positioned to meet the requirements of Agenda 21, with our new energy saving objectives", said Jean-Jacques Chautant, Director of public buildings for the City of Bordeaux. "In the framework of our energy saving objectives, the contract included an optional progress plan. We wanted to draw upon the expertise of our service providers to identify targets requiring priority treatment, based on this progress plan. Finally, we wanted our service providers to take our objectives seriously as committed partners, and SPIE Sud-Ouest accomplished this role perfectly". According to Christophe Bonnenfant, Head of the Aquitaine Maintenance & Services Division, "the City's ambitions have been met in terms of quality, and the results are clearly visible in terms of energy savings, [...] our past experience and the exemplary nature of our collaboration with the local authorities have been crucial factors in achieving this."
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