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Press release
Hérault, France: AKUO ENERGY engages SPIE to build an 11.9 MWp photovoltaic solar power station

Toulouse, December 15th, 2017 – AKUO ENERGY has just awarded SPIE Sud-Ouest the contract to build an 11.9 megawatt peak (MWp) photovoltaic solar power station at Bousquet d’Orb in France's Hérault département. This is a major new development for SPIE Sud-Ouest in the photovoltaic sector, and comes just after its previous project, the "La Découverte" solar power station near Rodez, which was inaugurated in November.

Annual energy production equivalent to the energy consumed by 6,320 homes

This new contract was won on 10th October by a consortium headed by SPIE Sud-Ouestud- and is for the construction of an 11.9 MWp photovoltaic solar power station. This will create an annual energy production of 15.8 gigawatt hours (GWh), equivalent to the energy consumed by 6,320 homes. 3,168 tonnes of CO2 will be saved as a result.

The teams at SPIE Sud-Ouest will install 44,338 photovoltaic modules, 72 low-voltage distribution boxes, 4 x 2,750 kilovolt-ampere (KVA) inverters, 4 transformers and 1 high-voltage supply substation, 200 kilometres of cable and 654 metal structures to support the modules. Arcelor Mittal, represented by its subsidiary Profil Du Futur in charge of solar development, is SPIE Sud-Ouest's partner in the supply of metal structures.

More than 370 MWp installed since 2008

Operations began in November and are set to take 7 months, with connection scheduled for 30th June 2018. 15 employees from SPIE Sud-Ouest's New Energies department are working on this project. "The challenge for our teams is to keep to the connection schedule whilst maintaining the very high quality of work required by AKUO throughout the construction phase", explains Jérôme Courtade, head of SPIE Sud-Ouest's New Energies department.

This latest project reinforces SPIE Sud-Ouest's position as a major player in the building of photovoltaic solutions. "We offer proven comprehensive solutions: engineering, construction, operation and maintenance. SPIE has installed more than 370 MWp since 2008. ", says Jérôme Courtade.



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