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Press release
Hospital Klinikum am Bruderwald: SPIE’s “energy efficiency” innovations honoured

Essen/Nuremberg/Bamberg, March 14th, 2017 - The hospital Klinikum am Bruderwald saves EUR 1.5 million net in energy costs each year. SPIE Energy Solutions upgraded the building technology as the lead partner together with the public utilities company Stadtwerke Bamberg. The project also impressed the jury of the ENERGIEregion Nürnberg (“Nuremberg Energy Region”) initiative, which presented the sustainability award “energie.effizienz.gewinner 2017” to the foundation Sozialstiftung Bamberg, the operator of the hospital, on March 7th.

Several steps contributed to the project’s success: Among other things, a new combined power, heat/steam and cooling plant with a more powerful cogeneration unit was constructed. As a result, 50% of the hospital’s electricity requirements are generated directly on its premises, as well as heat, steam and cooling. A comprehensive approach has been taken here: A new energy management system also helps technicians on site to continuously monitor energy consumption and further improve energy efficiency with quick adjustments. These optimisation measures significantly reduce the 768-bed hospital’s expenditure and cut its CO2 emissions by 6,500 tonnes a year. This roughly corresponds to the environmentally harmful emissions of 780 average households.

Better environmental performance

Each year, the ENERGIEregion Nürnberg recognises companies as energy-efficiency winners with the “energie.effizienz.gewinner” award. The award winners are seen as role models in climate protection. Thomas Knorr, Senior Project Manager at SPIE Energy Solutions, emphasises: “Using state-of-the-art technology, we succeeded in further reducing energy costs at the Klinikum am Bruderwald. In addition, we made a sustainable contribution to protecting the climate and improving the hospital’s environmental performance at the same time.”


From left to right: Dr. Jens Hauch, managing director and member of the executive committee of ENERGIEregion Nürnberg e.V., Adalbert Meiszburger, managing director of Sozialstiftung Bamberg Energiemanagement GmbH, Josef Seuberth, manager of the department Energiemanagement of the Sozialstiftung Bamberg Energiemanagement GmbH, Klaus Wagner, Stadtwerke Bamberg Energie- und Wasserversorgungs GmbH, Thomas Knorr, senior project manager SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH Südwest, Hans Loest, member of the executive management of SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH, Dr. Michael Fraas, economic consultant of the City of Nuremberg and CEO of ENERGIEregion Nürnberg e.V.



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