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Press release
HVAC engineering - SPIE Belgium replaces the HVAC systems at the Saint-Luc teaching clinics
SPIE Belgium's Building Systems department is replacing all the cold water supply cooling systems and the refrigeration condensers that produce chilled water for all the Saint-Luc clinics, which are located at Louvain Catholic University's faculty of medicine in Brussels. The main services being provided are outlined below: - Replacement of the cooling towers, for a total post-work cooling power of 12 MW. Four pumps will be installed. Initially, three pumps will be enough to supply all the refrigeration units with cold water; - Cooling tower make-up water treatment system: industrial water filtering and softening, automatic brine production, water conditioning system, automatic bleeding; backup mains water make-up system with a standalone disconnection system; - Electric power boards to supply the complete refrigeration system and related equipment (i.e. speed adjusters, circuit-breaker, etc.); - Control systems for the above installation; - Supply pipes for the various utilities (cooling water, make-up water, compressed air, etc.) and the corresponding drains. The contract is worth more than €800,000. Work began in October and is scheduled to end in March 2007. Contact
Pascal Omnès
Communications director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21