Combining the technical facilities maintenance and the quality of user services

Published on 19 April 2022

For AXA, multi-technical facilities management is shifting towards fully featured user services that are helping to transform the company.

Office Emmanuel Deparis, Axa France
Emmanuel Deparis Work Environment Director, AXA Partner Solutions

What are the challenges regarding the work environment ?

Our main priority is to ensure business continuity for AXA so that we can focus on our core business. To meet the challenge, the companies tasked with  maintaining our facilities must be available 24/7, with multi-technical services bringing us enhanced facilities and innovation. There are several facets to these services, including risk control according to the installations’ compliance framework, HQE environmental quality standards with certifications such as BREEAM, cost cutting and the performance of energy systems. All these factors require a 360° overview of the site’s activity, which companies like SPIE share with us as part of the pledge to deliver on their commitments. 

How does your function support the company's transformation?

Putting these technical aspects aside, we must also deliver on quality of work life, which means making sure our employees and their departments enjoy optimum comfort and well being at all times throughout the year. In other words, it’s all about making the invisible visible so that the work environment becomes a key factor in making employees want to stay in their jobs. And on top of that, there’s our contribution to the company’s ongoing transformation to focus on the customer relationship and roll out new services. This is the objective of the partnership we enjoy with companies likeSPIE, which is to make a building fit its purpose, and offer users real quality of life and service in a more complex world. 

More than just maintaining our technical facilities, the quality of user services has become an overriding priority.”
Emmanuel Deparis, Axa France
Emmanuel Deparis, Work Environment Director, AXA Partner Solutions
Video Interview of Emmanuel Deparis, Axa

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