Corentin Ferron, automotive precursor

Published on 08 August 2023
Corentin Ferron
Corentin Ferron Technicien matériels, SPIE CityNetworks

Since February 2022, some of the trucks at SPIE CityNetworks’ Auvergne sites have been running on Oleo100 biofuel. A great project that contributes to reducing the Group’s carbon footprint, it was led by project pilot Corentin Ferron.

Interview with project leader Corentin Ferron

For three years, Corentin has been responsible for the equipment fleet of the four SPIE CityNetworks branches (Auvergne and Loire region). In 2021, the regional director entrusted him with a mission to adapt the Saint-Pourçain-surSioule fleet of trucks to operate on biofuel. “The project was completed in a few months and ten dump trucks are now driving on Oleo100,” explains Corentin. Once compatible vehicles were identified and the contract was established with the Saipol teams that produce and distribute Oleo100, all that remained was to clean the trucks and install a biofuel storage tank on site.

“The change to biofuel has many advantages,” Corentin comments. “It requires little investment and the Oleo100 is a 100% biodegradable, renewable and local fuel, reducing our carbon footprint,” he adds. “In fact, Oleo100 reduces CO2 emissions by 60% compared to traditional fuels.”

According to Corentin, everything was positive about this experience. As proof of the operation’s success, a framework contract is currently being prepared to facilitate the deployment of green heavy-goods vehicles at the Group’s other sites in France.

Portrait Nicolas VONVILLE_Ole_o 100.png
Nicolas Vonville, team leader at CityNetworks

Drive greener

Nicolas Vonville, team leader, drives a truck running on Oleo100 on a daily basis. For him “everything is going very well! The Oleo100 is an environmentally friendly fuel and it does not deprive the truck of its engine capabilities.” The speed of the biofuel’s installation attracted him: “We were barely impacted by the change to Oleo100. The vehicles were quickly operational.” Thrilled with this change, he would encourage the continued deployment of these green heavy-goods trucks and regrets that all SPIE vehicles are not compatible with this fuel. Nicolas Vonville, Team Leader, SPIE CityNetworks.

Did you know?

biofuel is an alternative to petroleum fuel products, obtained from biomass (raw material of animal, plant or waste origin).