Energy storage (BESS): Europe's largest site installed in Belgium

Published on 30 August 2023
Nico Braam

Testimonial by Nico Braam, Senior Project Manager at Nippon Koei Energy Europe B.V.

At Nippon Koei Energy Europe, we’ve developed a specific offering around energy storage batteries because we’re convinced that they are a powerful tool to accelerate the energy transition. As we know, renewables are by nature intermittent, while electricity grids need to be supplied in a stable and reliable manner. Our technologies offer real flexibility to grid operators, allowing them to store solar or wind energy when demand is low, and draw on the stored energy at times of peak demand.

We’re currently building several such battery parks, including Ruien Energy Storage in Belgium. With 84 battery enclosures and a capacity of 100MWh, it will be the one of the largest ever battery park connected to the Belgian high-voltage network. Installed on the site of a former coalfired power station, it will be able to supply 25 megawatts for 4 hours and will be one of the first battery parks in Europe to have such a capacity. Following its delivery, scheduled for January 2023, we’ll be able to provide ancillary services for the high-voltage grid operator Elia, and operate in the short-term electricity markets and the recently created Capacity Remuneration Mechanism in Belgium.

By providing flexibility and stability on highvoltage grids, our battery parks help increase the share of renewables in the energy mix.”
Nico Braam
Nico BRAAM, Senior Project Manager at Nippon Koei Energy Europe B.V.

SPIE has a very important role in this project, since the Group is providing the complete fitting services as well as supplying all equipment other than the Batteries, the Power Conversion System, the Energy Management system and the medium voltage step up transformers. This includes foundation work, cabling, HV transformers and switching infrastructure, as well as lighting, traffic lanes, fencing and CCTV. With such a broad scope, it was important to have an open and constructive partner with a wide range of experience that was able to work hand in hand with the other project stakeholders. One of the challenges for SPIE was to put in place a very tight schedule in order to meet Nippon Koei Energy Europe’s contractual energisation and take-over commitments. Mission accomplished so far!

The « Ruien Energy Storage » battery farm in figures

4 000 m²

Total area

100 MWh

Storage capacity

25 MW

Maximum power