Jean-François Auger, creator of well-being

Published on 20 May 2022

During the first Covid lockdown, Jean-François Auger, IoT solutions engineer, came up with a new use for SPIE Switzerland’s Smart Office solution, to facilitate a return to the office in the safest way possible. Read his story below.

Jean-François Auger Bureaux BERNE

Originally from Quebec, Jean-François Auger came to Switzerland 21 years ago to join the company which now operates under the banner of SPIE Switzerland. Formerly a software architect, he became an IoT solutions engineer two years ago. This job allows him to bring together his two passions: electronic engineering and software. In particular, Jean-François works with Smart Office, a solution which promotes well-being at work. During the first lockdown, he came up with the idea of adapting this solution to promote compliance with the safety rules for returning to the office. “I thought it would be really easy to combine the various features of Smart Office to create a detection and warning system if the authorised capacity of people in a meeting room or cafeteria is exceeded”.

This is how the ‘Back-to-the-office’ concept was born and it was approved without hesitation by the SPIE Switzerland Pandemic Management Committee. “I don’t know if it has prevented anyone from becoming infected, but every little act helps. And this concept contributes to workplace safety”! The ‘Back-tothe- office’ functionalities will be incorporated into a digital conference room solution to meet the needs of our clients. Now, Jean- François is continuing to work on his next idea: calculating the distance between people. One more step towards ensuring compliance with health and safety rules!

Jean-François Auger
4 SPIE Switzerland sites currently use ‘Back-to-the-office’ (Geneva, Zurich, Lonay and Bern), in 16 meeting rooms, 2 collaborative rooms and 1 cafeteria.

A solution with scalable functionality

SPIE Switzerland’s Smart Office solution has been developed by the Business Development & Innovation team, of which Jean-François Auger is part of. Using the Cisco videoconferencing system installed in the company’s meeting rooms, Smart Office monitors indicators such as ambient temperature, humidity and air quality (including the level of particulates and CO2), as well as the occupied or vacant status of the room. This provides lots of useful functionalities to help determine whether an area is ‘safe’ in the current context of Covid-19. That is how ‘Back-to-the-office’ was born.