Mario Brusselmans, the green driver

Published on 18 September 2023

SPIE Belgium has decided to order only fully electric cars in the future. The goal? Reduce direct CO2 emissions.

Mario Brusselmans

Mario Brusselmans, Director Infrastructure at SPIE Belgium, drives an electric vehicle (EV) and spoke to us about the experience.

Mario goes to SPIE’s offices in Brussels every day. He also visits worksites and travels to meet with clients. Given the amount he drives, Mario has a company car. When SPIE Belgium offered him the opportunity to drive a more environmentally friendly vehicle, he didn’t hesitate. “I was eager to try an electric car, and since August 2021, I have an Audi e-tron parked at my doorstep. I drive 40,000 kilometres with my car every year.”

Mario decided to go electric for several reasons: “Initially, I hesitated between a hybrid and an EV, but hybrid models aren’t a good option. The batteries take up a lot of room and reduce boot space, so I chose an electric car instead. We have a lot of clients in this sector, so it reflects well on SPIE.

Mario has no regrets, and the advantages of his electric car have convinced him to forget petrol engines for good.

The engine is efficient and there is no traditional gearbox. The silence and comfort this car offers are other positives, not to mention how convenient it is: I can charge it at home and work, and no longer stop at the filling station.”
Mario Brusselmans, Director infrastructure
Hein Dirix, directeur général, SPIE Belgium
Hein Dirix, Managing Director, SPIE Belgium

Good for employees, good for the planet

On average, emissions from an EV are 65% lower than those of a combustion engine over time,” explains Hein Dirix, Managing Director, SPIE Belgium. In future, all cars acquired by the subsidiary will be electric, beginning with individual vehicles. “We want to offer the possibility to go electric to as many colleagues as possible,” adds Hein. SPIE Belgium plans to facilitate the rollout of EVs by providing additional charging stations.


It's the number of electric cars in Belgium at the end of September 2022, compared to 622 at the end of 2021. It accounts for 5% of the Group vehicle fleet.