Revolution in usage: digitalising the industry

Published on 02 August 2023

Testimonial by Jérôme Morrisson, Solutions & Expertise Director at SPIE Industrie.

While all of our industrial customers see the shift to digital as an imperative, many are also wondering what is at stake and how this shift will affect their own business. At SPIE France, we’re fortunate to have the necessary expertise to support them. The Industrie division has a thorough understanding of their industrial processes and SPIE ICS is recognised for its digital services.

By combining our know-how, we’ve developed Fabloop, a smart data management offering that helps our customers meet the challenges of the energy transition and digital transformation, by leveraging their data to maximise industrial performance.

Rather than a simple digital tool, fabloop is primarily a method of co-construction that integrates a ROI approach to support our clients in their industrial challenges.”
JÉRÔME MORISSON, Solutions & Expertise Director at SPIE Industrie
Jérôme Morisson, Solutions & Expertise Director, SPIE Industrie in France

More powerful than a tool, Fabloop is a co-construction method that integrates a return on investment (ROI) approach. Our teams select, adapt or create with the customer the best technical and economic solution to meet their needs. The starting point remains the industrial challenge, which has changed very little in the end: productivity... and now also a reduction in the carbon footprint. We co-construct the appropriate technical solutions, involving all of the client’s relevant deparments. The digital aspect is only a very small part of these solutions and sometimes it is central. For instance, we’ve just carried out a very detailed audit of production flows for one of the leaders in the food industry. In this particular case, digital technology was a big part of our recommendations, which are always calibrated to the expected return on investment.

Fabloop also supports our customers’ internal transformation by facilitating a much smoother dialogue between IT departments and production or maintenance managers.

As far as SPIE is concerned, Fabloop lets us respond to demands that emerge very quickly, such as energy self-sufficiency on industrial sites. It’s a fully customisable and adaptable solution that can be used to achieve sustainable performance, a major asset in a fast-changing industrial world.

Fabloop, SPIE's Smart Data Management service

With Fabloop, SPIE is meeting the needs and challenges of manufacturers and helping them to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.

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