Solar energy challenges explained by Henny Pelsers from NaGa Solar

Published on 06 May 2022

In the Netherlands, SPIE worked closely with NaGa Solar on a complex project to connect the solar park to the national power grid.

Ferme solaire de Louisegroeve, dans le Limbourg, Pays Bas Henny Pelsers, NaGa Solar
Henny Pelsers P.-D.G. Naga Solar

What are the challenges for further solar energy development?

We’re making considerable headway in solar development projects across Europe, with power output currently standing at around 800 megawatts. In the Netherlands, we’re working hand in hand with SPIE on a number of sites that call for creative, flexible grid connection solutions, as at the Louisegroeve1 solar park. Two of the initial challenges on this kind of project concern availability of land and acceptance of renewable energy projects by local populations. We therefore involved SPIE right from the initial project planning stages. Interaction with the network operators must be factored in from the outset, along with management of any factors liable to hinder smooth progress on project operations. 

How can intermittent renewable energies be integrated into the electricity grid?

Another challenge for SPIE is to ensure that the energy generated is fed smoothly to the power grid using the best available techniques, as grid availability has become an issue in the Netherlands. SPIE has everything it takes in terms of expertise here but, for us, the crux of our relationship lies in their ability to come up with prompt solutions to any difficulties encountered, ensuring the project is delivered to schedule. SPIE’s European scope is another important factor: we know we can count on them in countries including the United Kingdom and Germany. And in France, where we’re working together on our first joint solar project.  

SPIE steps in from the project outset to handle relations with grid operators and ensure smooth progress on project operations.”
Henny Pelsers, NaGa Solar
Henny Pelsers, Chairman and CEO, NaGa Solar
Video interview of Henny Pelsers from NaGa Solar

SPIE in the Energies –Inspired by Henny Pelsers from NaGa Solar

In response to the growth in renewable energies and the impact of digital technologies, power grids are being reconfigured across Europe.

NaGa Solar is a company that develops solar parks in several countries. We develop, construct and invest in these projects, sometimes with other investors. We have a portfolio of about 800 megawatts pick in development in several countries like UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Sweden. 


SPIE is a partner responsible for connecting the solar parks to the national grid. They arrange for all the design and the construction of these connections. They’re also, in the early stage, involved in the planning of these projects to avoid future problems and also take care of all the contacts with the grid operators in this country and in other countries. 


The main challenges for us are obviously locally different per country. But here in the Netherlands, it is availability of lands and acceptance of the renewable energy projects by the communities. With regards to the relationship to SPIE, our challenge is the grid availability which becomes an issue in the Netherlands. It is very important for us, with SPIE, in the early stage, to check availability of grid and technics to manage the input of our electricity to the national grid. 


The important thing is that we involve them in an early stage. The planning of all these projects have challenges during the process. Then the problem solving of these problems, that’s where we have good relationship with SPIE because they have knowledge and creativity. The European network of SPIE is for us a very important strength. We are active in the Netherlands, at airport like Schiphol 2 project. We actually have our first project in France. We invite SPIE there to work with us because it’s one point of contact. We know the company, we know the right person. For us it is a big plus to work with SPIE internationally as well.