SPIE's expertise for the Datwyler Group

Published on 09 October 2023

SPIE Belgium’s unique expertise in prefabrication and BIM* has led to more efficiency. By streamlining design and building processes with these techniques, Industry Geel Business Unit was able to bring in large clients such as Datwyler, a lead supplier of the healthcare industry.

With its cutting-edge workshops and skilled teams, the state-of-the-art Geel facility represents a promising asset for future projects. "On this Datwyler project, we have all the facets of our production capability,” says Andreas Legiest, smiling. Andreas is the project engineer for the Datwyler dosing systems project at Industry business unit of SPIE Belgium in Geel. He has witnessed the evolution of the prestigious collaboration between SPIE and the Swiss-based company over the years. What started as a simple service provider job, led to a range of international projects. “We were able to deliver a diverse portfolio: ducting, clean pipes, black piping, steel and stainless steel parts.” That wide range of competencies hit the spot.

Although SPIE Belgium has used prefabrication for over 20 years, Building Information Models (BIM) is what Sybren Vanheeswyck, production supervisor at Industry business unit of SPIE Belgium in Geel, calls a “game-changer.” The BIM process allows for 3D visualisation and modelling to design streamline exchanges. “It has become a normalised way of communication between departments,” explains Andreas. Everybody uses the same language, and errors are hence limited.


The reduction in margin of error is one of the reasons why the collaboration between SPIE Belgium and Datwyler is so successful. The client validates the BIM designs and then the ducting, machines, walls, pipes are installed in Geel workshops, thanks to prefabrication processes, to replicate the installation on site. “This stage is very important because we are building in the US and in India,” explains Andreas.

Every mistake needs to be fixed before the pieces are shipped abroad.” All the employees working at the Industry business unit of SPIE Belgium in Geel are involved in the Datwyler project. They all know how to read BIM drawings and implement them as the designers intended – it’s an integral part of the job.

A state-of-the art competence centre

Prefabrication processes are an opportunity to invite clients over to visit Geel’s state-of-the-art competence center. They can tour its steel and stainless steel workshops and a specific pharmaceutical cleanroom for high purity orbital welding. “If there are new inventions or techniques, we invest in them to always stay ahead of innovations,” Sybren says. The industry demand for high quality and reliability has led SPIE Belgium to invest in its people and their certifications, as well as high-tech machines.

We want our prefabrication workshops to be cost-effective and reliable while still preserving the good quality we are known for”
Andréas LEGIEST, project engineer for pharmaceutical clients and Datwyler

His team welcomes the Datwyler project as an opportunity to “find new possibilities and new production techniques at all levels” and a great way to develop their expertise for the future


Prefabrication is a production technique in which components are manufactured in an equipped workshop and then assembled on site to form the final installation. This industrial process can be used for industrial buildings, hotels, stadiums, or factories. After drawing and engineering the parts needed for the installation, they are produced and assembled in the workshops. This 1:1 replica is set up remotely to reduce errors, gain time during the validation process and the installation on the building site.

Prefabrication makes it possible to shorten the time of installation on a building site, ensure a safe environment and facilitate the work of the employees. It is also convenient to not be subjected to the weather conditions and reduces stress and noise while working on projects.

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Of successful experimentation with BIM at SPIE Belgium

+ than 20 years

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