Major projects

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Industrial transfer for Michelin

Industrial transfer of Michelin’s production equipment in Cholet, a project by SPIE Ouest-Centre.

Accustomed to managing the industrial transfer of massive equipment, the SPIE Ouest-Centre teams in Laval (France) extracted an even more extraordinary machine from Michelin in Cholet (France), transporting it to their facilities in Laval to perform retrofitting work.

Consisting of two main parts, the 807 radiator grill produces tire structures. A new door measuring 4 x 5 m was created in the building to remove the machine from the premises, while two cranes and a specially made chassis frame were used to support the machine during removal. A new road also had to be created to transport the machine. Following the retrofitting work, the machine was transferred to Vitoria in Spain.


Jean-Christophe Glémas
Agence IGE Maine et Loire Mayenne
Industrial Maintenance and Transfer Activity

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