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Information Security Fair 2014: The Internet of Things and information security: a new challenge for companies is unveiled by SPIE Communications

At the 14th Information Security Fair (Assises de la Sécurité), SPIE Communications is tackling a problem that is likely to become a major challenge for companies in the next few years: the security of information systems in the face of the emergence of connected devices. Teams from SPIE Communications organised a special workshop to be held throughout the fair, in order to offer their expertise supported by practical experience and the vision of a major European group.

With the development of BYOD and mobility, information security managers have firstly had to take new threats into account and implement solutions to guard against the risks introduced by these new trends. Before they could finish dealing with that problem, it seems that a new one has appeared: threats related to connected devices. A great many questions are being raised and the answers are uncertain.

Thanks to their involvement in large information security projects related to mobility, SPIE Communications’ teams have assessed the situation and can help information security managers get a good grasp of the questions that will be raised by the Internet of Things.

The workshop to be held at 4 pm on 2 October 2014, in the Van Dongen room at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, will focus on essential questions and answers regarding the new challenge that companies will be facing. 

Karine Engrand, Offerings Managers, and Sebastien Marciniak, Information Safety Manager at SPIE Communications, will discuss the position of SPIE Communications and its vision of the development and utilisation of connected devices and examine how preventive measures can be taken against the threats they pose:

“On the basis of our experience of information security projects, we can say that there are currently no devices or solutions specifically designed for the purpose of the Internet of Things or, more generally, for connected devices. Very few firms are currently planning to create specific networks for connected devices.

“We can, however, see problems similar to those faced in the context of mobile device security regarding data confidentiality, authorisation for access to corporate networks and data, the risks of piracy and denial of service, and so on.

“We help our customers to consider these questions by offering them an optimised approach based on three primary solution-building blocks: identity management, privilege management, and traceability of connections to their information systems. This is the recommended starting point when designing a security strategy for connected devices.”


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