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Press release
Introducing SPIE's 2008 "sustainable development oriented" annual report
The Group, specialising in electrical, mechanical and HVAC engineering, cuts the conventional printing of its annual report by 75% and extends the use of print-on-demand mode to all its corporate and sales documents.

The SPIE Group extends its use of Print-On-Demand

Having received the sustainable development communication prize, for its "responsible" 2007 annual report at the 2008 UJJEF Awards in December, SPIE set itself an ambitious target for 2009: to cut its annual report's conventional print run by 75% and extend its print-on-demand service to all its corporate and sales documents. This goal has now been achieved. For its newly published 2008 annual report, SPIE decided to print only 5,000 copies of the original edition, 15,000 fewer than for its 2007 report. All other copies are to be printed in POD (Print-On-Demand) mode from the virtual version which can be accessed online at and Internet users can receive customised copies printed to meet their specific demands within 48 hours in their own homes or offices.
Since the beginning of 2009, we have started extending the environmentally-responsible POD service - already tested on the 2007 annual report - to all the corporate and sales literature in the Group's online virtual library. These documents will now be available in POD mode only. This approach reduces consumption of paper, energy and chemicals to the strict minimum as well as eliminating stocks and unneeded copies which then have to be recycled.
The POD "rematerialisation" process is performed by high-definition digital printing on Cyclus paper. Manufactured from 100% recycled paper, Cyclus is the paper with the lowest carbon emissions and the lowest energy consumption. It complies with the strictest environment-related requirements currently applicable to the printing industry (1).
For its annual report's limited original edition, SPIE has opted for conventional offset printing on a new type of paper: Oxygène Gloss, a top-quality wood-free coated paper made from 60% recycled fibres and 40% virgin fibres (2). 

Integrated in the virtual world of MySPIE

A new feature this year is the total interactivity between the online electronic rich-media version of the annual report and the online 3D virtual universe of MySPIE ( which adopts a serious game approach to introduce the Group's various activities.
100% sustainable development oriented, SPIE's annual report features - as it did last year - integral speech synthesis, which enhances its accessibility for the partially sighted as all its contents are available in audio mode and can be listened to without any specialised software. It offers a great deal of dynamically enhanced contents, making it fun to learn more about the Group with special features such as 3D mode, videos, dynamic graphics, slide shows, and interactive internal and web links to all the other documents in the Group's virtual library. The annual report is simple and user-friendly, with full-screen display, lots of interactive links, multilingualism, mouse movement detection to turn pages with a single motion of the hand, and the possibility of inserting virtual bookmarks at selected pages and then sending them to other people.

Hitching innovation to communication

"Since its new identity was launched in 2006, SPIE has developed and implemented a range of innovative communication tools which are aimed at reaching a wider public, clearly setting our company apart from its competitors, optimising overall production costs and meeting the Group's commitments as regards sustainable development," says Group Communication Director Pascal Omnès. "For more than a year now we've seen a continuous strong increase in the use and reading of the Group's documentation. The approach we've adopted - based on the overall cost of document life cycles - has already enabled us to make savings of up to 50% while better protecting the environment". (1) Environmental standards: ISO 14001 and EMAS; Eco-friendly marks: European Ecolabel, Nordic Ecolabel, Blau Engel; Product mark: TCF; Printing mark: Imprim'vert. (2) Certifications: FSC, NAPM, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 9706. Press contacts

Pascal Omnès
Communications Director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21

Agence Droit Devant
Philippe Hériard
Tel.: +33 (0)1 45 77 02 45