Where are SPIE shares listed?

SPIE shares are listed on NYSE Euronext Paris (Eurolist Compartment A).

When were SPIE shares first listed on the stock exchange and what was the issue price?

SPIE shares first obtained a listing on 10 June 2015 and trading commenced on 10 June 2015. The issue price was EUR 16.50.

Where can I find the current SPIE share price?

The SPIE share price is available from our homepage, and from our share price page.

Who owns SPIE shares?

See mors information in Debt and financing section.

Are SPIE shares eligible for inclusion in share savings schemes?

Individuals who are French tax residents may register their shares in a share savings scheme and make use of the related tax benefits. The maximum value of cash payments into a scheme is EUR 150,000s.

What is the ISIN code of the SPIE share?

The ISIN code for the share is FR0012757854. The ICB activity sector 2791 - Business Support Services.

What are the different kinds of share account?

There are 3 kinds of share account:

  • bearer accounts: the account is opened by your bank or stockbroker. Your identity is not known to SPIE,
  • administered registered accounts: your shares are registered with SPIE but your account is opened with your bank or stockbroker. Your identity is known to SPIE but your financial advisor remains your point of contact,
  • direct registered accounts: your shares are held directly with SPIE. SPIE has entrusted the management of direct registered accounts to SOCIETE GENERALE, who are your point of contact.

What is the date of the Shareholders' Meeting?

See more information in the financial calendar

How can I take part in the next Shareholders' Meeting?

All shareholders have the right to attend General Meetings regardless of the number of shares they hold.

If your shares are registered, full documentation enabling you to take part in General Meetings will be sent to you automatically.

If you own bearer shares, you can ask your account holder for the meeting documentation.

How can I receive documentation?

All documentation - financial reports (annual, interim, etc.), reference documents, press releases and press kits, shareholder publications can be consulted and downloaded on the spie.com website.

How can I keep up to date with Group news?

There are several ways to find out about past and upcoming Group events:

  • you can consult the shareholders' agenda on the Group's website,
  • you can use the RSS feed to receive real-time notification of website updates and ensure you always have the latest information,
  • you can become a follower on our Twitter account,
  • you can contact the Investor Relations team on investors@spie.com and request to subscribe to the financial press release mailing list,
  • you can download SPIE IR free app (AppStore, GooglePlay) to get the Group financial information on your smartphone.