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Press release
Jean Monville wins the 2010 Choiseul Award - SPIE's honorary chairman rewarded for services to the economy
Paris, 21 January 2010 - On 20 January, Jean Monville, SPIE's honorary chairman, won the 2010 Choiseul Award.
Along with the French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Pierre Lellouche, who was recognised for his contribution to the political and institutional field, and Mouvement pour une Organisation Mondiale de l'Agriculture (movement for the global organisation of farming), selected for its work in the field of ideas, Jean Monville has been acknowledged by Institut Choiseul for his work on the international stage to promote the "image, influence and competitiveness of France and Europe".
"This prize is a tribute to Jean Monville's whole career," commented Pascal Lorot, Chairman of Institut Choiseul. "The visionary, strategically minded former SPIE chairman implemented his operational choices with consummate skill, with the success that we clearly see today." Born on 7 November 1944, Jean Monville is a graduate of France's Ecole Polytechnique and also holds a bachelor's degree in economic science. He joined SPIE in 1978 as head of the Group's export finance department. Following various general management positions, he took charge of the company in 1995, when he became director and chief executive officer.
The company was suffering at the time from heavy losses and a crisis in the construction and civil engineering sector. SPIE's then shareholder, Schneider, entrusted Monville with the task of finding a buyer for the company. This paved the way for an employee buyout (EBO) organised with the support of British group AMEC, enabling SPIE's employees to take control of the company on 26 February 1997. Monville was subsequently appointed chairman and chief executive officer.
The EBO's industrial and financial success led AMEC to exercise its SPIE acquisition option in 2003. SPIE, the AMEC group's continental European branch, was renamed AMEC SPIE, and Jean Monville joined the AMEC board as an executive director and AMEC SPIE chairman. In 2006, backed by investment fund PAI partners, AMEC SPIE regained its independence and changed its name back to SPIE, with Monville remaining in the chair.
Since retiring on 1 January 2010, Jean Monville has been appointed honorary chairman of SPIE, with former chief executive officer Gauthier Louette succeeding him at the Group's helm as chairman and CEO. *LBO: Leveraged Buy Out About Institut Choiseul
Institut Choiseul for international politics and geo-economics is an independent think tank dedicated to studying major questions of international strategy. It devotes its energy to extending France's sphere of economic and strategic influence and promoting the country's leading players internationally. Choiseul éditions, its publishing arm, currently produces seven high calibre reviews all seen as the French language benchmark in their respective field: Maghreb Machrek, Problèmes d'Amérique latine (challenges in Latin America), Politique américaine (American politics), Monde chinois (the Chinese world), Nordiques (the Nordic countries), Géoéconomie (geo-economics) and Sécurité globale (global security). Press contacts

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