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Press release
Jobs for the Disabled week: SPIE Est gives in the sheltered employment sector the chance to get to know its business lines better

Illkirch, 13 November 2013 – SPIE Est, regional subsidiary of the SPIE Group and independent European leader in services in the fields of energy and communications, has invited disability-friendly and sheltered-workplace companies in Alsace, France, to discover its business activities and skills on November 19.

Adapting the sheltered employment offering to the needs of SPIE Est

This meeting, to be held from 10.30 a.m. to noon at SPIE Est’s offices in Illkirch, will welcome about 15 sheltered employment company managers specialising in a variety range of fields (including wiring, waste recycling, mechanics, envelope stuffing, packaging, assembling and green spaces). The aim is to give these firms a clearer picture and understanding of SPIE Est’s business lines so they can propose services in tune with its needs and so optimise the development of jobs for disabled people.

The morning’s agenda includes presentations of the challenges facing the SPIE Est subsidiary and the Group’s policy as regards human relations, diversity and purchasing strategy. The results of an in-house survey on SPIE Est’s policy on purchases from the sheltered employment sector will also be announced.

“This action is perfectly in line with the SPIE Group’s “responsible purchasing” policy aimed at promoting collaboration with firms in the sheltered employment sector,” says Christophe Masson, SPIE Est Purchasing Director and Group responsible and supportive purchasing officer. “But it is also completely original because breaks away from what normally happens. Instead of having these firms coming to us canvassing for business, we are inviting them to get to know us better.”

Tripling our purchases from the sheltered employment sector

As part of its sustainable development policy, SPIE keeps a close eye on its suppliers. This policy was launched three years ago with a corporate assessment to ensure that everyone was adopting a responsible approach. A responsible purchasing committee with a representative from each subsidiary was also set up in 2010. This specific cross-disciplinary organisation underpinned by the Group’s purchasing structure enables Group-wide decisions to be taken and effective action plans to be launched.

The goal for 2015 for the Group and all its subsidiaries is to triple purchases from the sheltered employment sector (amounting to one million euros in 2012). It was in this context that SPIE signed a partnership with French disability support organisation APF (Association des Paralysés de France) in May to facilitate the engineering and services group’s access to sheltered employment centres in the association’s APF Entreprises network...

“Following the signing of the partnership agreement with APF, this initiative will further strengthen our responsible purchasing policy,” points out Christophe Masson who is managing the project for SPIE. “And it should soon be rolled out in the Group’s other subsidiaries”.

“This will provide the opportunity to discuss our needs and see how SPIE can best be served by our infrastructures,” explains Michel Koch, Chairman of the sheltered employment firms group in Bas-Rhin and Director of the Meinau-Services district management organisation.
“With employees working at 35 locations, our organisation is extremely interested in this type of initiative which helps boost the employability of people with disabilities.”

Meeting place:

2 route de Lingolsheim
BP 70330 Geispolsheim-Gare
67411 Illkirch Cedex



Alexandra Raimbault
Human Resources Development Manager
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 61 20