Being a player in the energy transition and digital transformation

Faced with the climate emergency and the boom in digital practices, SPIE has firmly decided to be part of the solution. Whatever your profession, career path or your expertise, you can help us to develop concrete and effective future solutions for a greener economy.

The coming decade will be decisive for the future of our society and our economy. The climate emergency requires a rapid global transformation of our lifestyles, our levers for growth and the management of our energy resources. The digital revolution is paving the way for new ways of working, consuming, relaxing, living and moving.

At SPIE, we firmly believe that we can still choose to turn these developments into opportunities and levers for progress. Our activities enable us to prepare for the energy future, to make digital technology a sustainable innovation accessible to as many people as possible, and to create value with concrete, useful solutions.


SPIE, a key partner of the energy transition