Cultivating your expertise and your innovative power for our customers

At SPIE, knowledge and innovation are the key to our expertise. For you, this means a real opportunity to upgrade your skills and tackle the challenges faced by our customers.

SPIE supports its customers in an enormous range of business areas with a variety of services often including a great deal of technical complexity. Our strength lies in being able to provide our customers with the perfect level of expertise. For you, this means an opportunity to upgrade your skills by using them to contribute to concrete, useful projects. It is also a chance to increase your expertise and develop your skills in contact with colleagues and expert partners working on the same topics as you, or even different ones.

You will also be at the forefront in helping us to innovate. When SPIE deploys solutions for smart cities, building energy efficiency, industry 4.0 or future electrical networks for its customers, innovation is always an indispensable quality. At SPIE, innovation is everyone’s business and underpins numerous initiatives, such as an annual competition open to all teams or our “innovathons”.


Innovathon SPIE 2021

Pour la troisième édition de son Innovathon, SPIE a invité des étudiants et des professionnels à collaborer avec ses équipes internes pour inventer l’industrie de demain. Leur mission : créer des solutions pour aider les industriels à résoudre leurs probl