Sharing values that make sense

Performance, proximity, responsibility: simple values enabling you to give your best and grow in moderately sized teams.

Performance: both collective and individual, performance is a value embodied by each and every one of our staff members. Whatever your profession, you will also play an entrepreneurial role in ensuring the proper execution of projects from both a technical and financial point of view. You will work in an environment that promotes initiative, dialogue, collaboration and innovation on a day-to-day basis.

Responsibility: SPIE is making strong commitments, both in terms of the autonomy to complete tasks and in relation to the environment, safety, ethics, diversity and all areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR), to give meaning to your work. These commitments take very specific forms to ensure that every staff member feels involved.

Proximity: we work to listen and understand the needs of our staff members and our customers to enable us to meet them in a reactive and suitable way. Our decentralised organisation will also enable you to hold easy and direct discussions with both internal and external partners.