Employee shareholding

The Group's employees are on the front line in creating value for its customers and all its stakeholders: it is therefore only fair that they should be involved in its performance. With this in mind, SPIE has an active policy of employee shareholding, targeting both new recruits and existing employees.

Employees – SPIE’s biggest shareholder 

In April 2021, SPIE’s employees became the Group’s biggest shareholder. They currently hold 5.8% of its capital; the average for France’s SBF 120 companies is 2.4% (source: Employee shareholding barometer 2021 by Amundi ESR). This places the Group among the top 12 companies listed on the SBF 120 index in terms of employee shareholding.  

Our objective is to provide our employees with regular opportunities to become shareholders in SPIE or increase their stake in the company, thereby enabling them to benefit from the Group’s performance and success.”
Gauthier Louette, Chairman and CEO of SPIE

The central role of shareholders in the Group’s capital is the result of a firm policy to promote employee shareholding. Each year, SPIE runs a SHARE FOR YOU scheme: this gives new talent (new hires or staff members of acquired companies) the opportunity to acquire their first shares, while staff members who are already shareholders can increase their share. 2021 saw more than 611,000 people participate in the most recent scheme. 

A mark of long-term commitment and trust 

Through the employee shareholding scheme, SPIE is expressing its wish to allow staff members to share in the Group’s achievements and build a long-term relationship with them. The fact that our staff members are involved in the scheme is a real mark of commitment and confidence in the future of our Group.  

Employee shareholding, a SPIE commitment for over 20 years 

In line with the Group’s values of proximity, responsibility and performance, employee shareholding has been at the heart of SPIE’s business culture for over 20 years. This momentum was kick-started back in 1997 when the employees bought out the company, and has been thriving ever since. In 2006, 2011 and 2015, when SPIE became a listed company, proposals for employee participation met with real success. This momentum has continued since 2018 with annual schemes known as “Share for you”. Since 1997, the employee-shareholder mutual fund has also been represented on the Group’s Board of Directors. 

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