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SPIE is the leading independent European pure-player in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications. Our 50,000 employees are committed to working with our customers in order to make the energy transition and digital transformation a success. Through the key figures for 2023, find out how SPIE is part of the solution in each of these areas!

A key partner for stakeholders in the green transition

As a provider of innovative green solutions, SPIE supports its customers in the design, maintenance and operation of their energy and digital networks. Our shared objective is to fight climate change and adapt the living environment by accelerating the environmental transition.

Key figures for 2023



in turnover



the green share of 2023 turnover according to the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities


584.2 M€



700 M€

of revenues acquired via 9 bolt-on acquisitions





+ 25,000

customers, of which 70% are repeat customers

A robust and independent economic model

In order to innovate, support its customers and grow sustainably, the Group has always ensured that it remains in control of its strategic decisions. This is why SPIE has chosen an independent economic model that combines profitability and growth, enabling it to pursue its ambitions for external and organic growth in order to rapidly develop the activities that are most essential to the ecological transition.

Four areas of excellence serving four strategic markets

SPIE relies on four business lines, at the crossroads of energy and digital challenges: Mechanical and Electrical Services, Information & Communications Technology Services, Technical Facility Management and Transmission & Distribution.

SPIE's positioning and multiple areas of expertise enable us to help our customers transform the changes imposed by the climate emergency into opportunities in four strategic markets: Smart city, efficient buildings, Energy and Industry services.

A local presence in all sectors of the economy, across the entire value chain of our customers

SPIE provides its customers with long-term support for a vast range of activities, challenges and action scopes. To achieve this, the Group relies on three strengths. First of all, detailed and long-standing knowledge of its customers' business areas: SPIE is active in all sectors of the economy, from industry to health, transport, energy and telecommunications infrastructure and even education. Another strength is its dense network of local offices, which ensures that it is as close as possible to its customers in the heart of five European countries – France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland – as well as in Central Europe.

Finally, the Group is active at all stages of the value chain, which enables it to offer global solutions for each customer, from design through to the installation and maintenance of their facilities.

At the heart of the energy transition and the digital transformation

As a player in the green economy, the SPIE Group offers its customers a range of solutions designed to reduce their environmental impact. At the same time, the company acts at all levels of its organisation to reduce its own footprint as much as possible. The Group is working hand in hand with its suppliers to ensure that they are part of the same dynamic of decarbonising their activity. Please note: SPIE was one of the first companies to publish the green share of its turnover, which it has done since 2019.

Digital technology is a powerful means of supporting these environmental, social and economic changes. The Internet of Things, data management, predictive or remote maintenance, responsible data centres, the roll-out of 5G and fibre optics, etc. The digital solutions implemented by SPIE help its customers to improve their performance and contribute to the development of their regions.

Taking action for the energy transition



the green share of 2023 turnover according to the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities



charging points for electric vehicles installed by SPIE since 2017

Taking action for the digital transformation



turnover generated by the creation of new facilities in 2023

Key figure


contracts benefiting from the Smart FM 360° unified digital platform in 2023



turnover generated in the fibre optics sector in 2023