Major projects

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Léonard intersection and Tervuren tunnels

SPIE Belgium took part in renovating the water drainage system for the Léonard intersection and Tervuren tunnels. 

In charge of the entire electrical and mechanical portions of the project, SPIE installed three new pumps. Designed to work together, they can pump nearly 440 m³ of water per hour, considerably reducing the risk of flooding. The evacuation plan was also reviewed, with emergency lights installed in all stairwells. The bottom-level basement was also pressurised using ventilators, which helps limit the risk of explosion during serious tunnel accidents. All of these procedures are monitored and managed using a set of sensors.

The project also included an ecological aspect, with the installation of a system of filters. A lattice system is used to filter large waste objects (cans, etc.), while a second system filters sludge and oil residues. Lastly, a new pump was installed to transport treated water through an evacuation canal. 


Bart Vandoren
Project engineer

Tel.: +32 2 729 61 11