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Press release
Maine Montparnasse tower: A contract worth more than €9M for SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest
Tour Montparnasse, the highest tower in France (with 58 storeys rising to 210 metres) built between 1969 and 1973 in Paris, is to benefit from an extensive renovation project. For this project, ICADE Gestion Tertiaire* has chosen SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest to restructure the tower's four technical equipment levels located on floors 15, 42, 57 and 58. For the purposes of this contract, SPIE has formed an internal consortium comprising its HVAC department (DGK, the consortium leader), its commercial sector electrical contracting department (DET) and its maintenance and services departments (DMS). The work to be done by DGK concerns the HVAC lot, worth €6.15 million. DGK will replace all the air treatment units including, in particular: eight 70,000 m3/h units for the air conditioning of peripheral areas and eight 135,000 m3/h units for the air conditioning of internal areas located on the 15th and 42nd floor technical levels dedicated to office air conditioning, plus air treatment units for the technical rooms of the tower's kitchen and panoramic restaurant on level 57. The DGK will also replace the smoke removal ducts on the top floor. DET will carry out €3.17 million's worth of electrical contracting work, for high and low voltage installations. The DET team will replace and upgrade equipment including HV cells, transformers and low-voltage switchboards. It will also install emergency equipment stations, re-route networks and set up a temporary installation. The work on low-voltage installations concerns the tower's video surveillance systems. As for DMS, it will extend the tower's centralised technical management. This work is worth €122,000. All these operations are scheduled for completion within 25 months. The survey of existing installations and engineering studies began at the end of April this year. Integration and modification work will be carried out between October 2008 and May 2010 at the same time as asbestos removal work on the site, which will remain in operation throughout the works. * The tower's management agency Contact SPIE SA
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Communications director
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