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Press release
Maintenance of fire safety systems: SPIE and Azur Drones are innovating with a test solution for a drone fire-safety system

Saint-Denis, November 16th, 2016 – SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest has come together with Azur Drones to develop a drone system that is unique in all of France to test fire detector heads.

Begun in late August 2016, planned to last for 2 years, this contract pertains to the maintenance of the fire safety systems at a sensitive cultural site in Paris. NB: Owing to the height of the rooms on the site, with ceilings between 15 and 18 metres high, conventional testing techniques are not easy to use.

To provide this service, SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest has joined forces with Azur Drones: drone operators and specialists in technical imaging. Azur Drones satisfied the technical specifications set out by SPIE, designing a prototype for a drone one metre in diameter. Carrying a receptacle and a remote-controlled gas spray, this system can be used to efficiently test the 300 fire detector heads on the site. This innovation, which is unique in France, still uses the conventional products to test fire detector heads.

This solution was born from the difficulty in finding a device which performs well for high-ceilinged rooms. The earliest techniques envisaged, and already in existence, such as using a cherry picker or any other means of lifting, were impossible, as the fire detector heads were situated in inaccessible areas. The SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest teams then came up with a perch system based on a moving support: a solution which was not very satisfactory, logistically difficult and involving too many technicians in its delivery.

Ultimately, it was the innovative drone system which conformed to all the technical specifications, particularly in terms of safety requirements, as it removed the need for SPIE personnel to work at height.

This innovation, which is a first in France, is merely the first step in the integration of new technologies into the fire-safety-systems profession”, explains Florian Vandamme, SSI Business Manager at SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest. “We are now considering rolling out this method nationwide by deploying it on other sites. It could also be useful in other types of jobs which need speed and efficiency.”

“For fire safety systems and for numerous applications in the building trade, the use of drones opens up fascinating possibilities” adds Jean Gagneraud, the CEO of Azur Drones. “Innovation is in our very DNA here at Azur Drones. By combining our technical expertise with that of SPIE, we hope to be able to continue along this line, and spread the use of drones into the tertiary sector, industry and external works”.



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