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Press release
Modernisation of Nantes Métropole drinking water plant: SPIE Ouest-Centre responsible for all electrical installations

Saint-Herblain, 26 April 2016 - SPIE Ouest-Centre has announced that it will be helping to modernise the Urban Community of Nantes Métropole's drinking water plant via a group of companies led by OTV, a subsidiary of Véolia. This wide-ranging project represents a major challenge as water must continue to be supplied to the 600,000 inhabitants of the 24 districts of the city and its surrounding areas.

Built in the early 1970s, La Roche drinking water plant near Malakoff treats water taken from the River Loire at Mauves-sur-Loire before redistributing it to the 600,000 inhabitants of Nantes Métropole. Ongoing since September 2014, the complete refurbishment is set to create the most efficient production system possible with the aim of ensuring that water quality is maintained over the next 40 years.

During this operation, SPIE Ouest-Centre will be responsible for completely replacing all plant’s electrical devices, in particular through:

  • the installation of new electrical transformers (20,000/400 volts) to supply power to all plant’s devices;
  • the introduction of low-voltage distribution through the setting-up of low-voltage master distribution panels;
  • the installation of process panels and the associated cabling to supply plant’s engines and actuators;
  • the setting-up of a backup system with stackable inverters that will take over if the network loses power, in order to prevent overvoltage and to allow the system to be restarted without putting the installations at risk.

Finally, special emphasis has been put on site security with the setting-up of adequate security devices.

Planned in two phases in order to maintain the plant’s production capacity, work has just begun and will take place over a period of five years: from March to September 2016, then from June 2018 to March 2019. At the height of its activity, up to 30 SPIE Ouest-Centre employees could be deployed at the site.

"Our deep knowledge of technical practices in the water sector and our previous collaborations with OTV at the Versailles and Angers water treatment plants made SPIE Group a logical choice for this contract," explains Benjamin Hamard, project manager at SPIE Ouest-Centre. "It’s now up to the SPIE Ouest-Centre Nantes and Angers teams to turn words into actions!"



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