Multi-technical maintenance

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Preventive and corrective maintenance are crucial to the reliability of a company’s facilities. It is also essential for optimising production tools and reducing costs. As an integrated service provider, SPIE works to improve the performance of companies in multi-technical and multiservice maintenance.

A tailored offer

SPIE offers a service contract for multi-technical maintenance tailored to the specific needs of its customers. The Group manages a broad and dense network of agencies, resources in engineering and methods and technicians specialised in all maintenance businesses. With this network, SPIE offers its customers a wide range of technical skills: HVAC systems, mechanical engineering, automated systems and surveillance and communications systems.
SPIE maintains a high level of service quality in the following sectors:

  • Energy: maintenance, decommissioning and technical support
  • Industry: mechanical maintenance, electricity and industrial IT
  • Transport
  • Communities: maintenance of equipment and monitoring systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Services: scheduled preventive maintenance and rapid support solutions

SPIE: a benchmark company in maintenance

SPIE works to centralise skills in the field of maintenance. The Group took an active role in drafting standards and professional reference guides for maintenance and services businesses.
SPIE’s major projects include the first geographic maintenance contract at the AREVA site in La Hague. With this contract, the Group’s nuclear subsidiary will develop a multi-business maintenance market. In the service sector, SPIE is expanding on its traditional project and construction offer by providing maintenance and services (offices, healthcare establishments, airports, shopping malls, banks, rail stations, hotels, etc.). In this field, the Group has signed a number of service contracts for infrastructure transport and maintenance.

SPIE: a specialist in Facilities Management

Increasingly, companies are opting to sign single, integrated contracts to outsource support functions that fall outside their core businesses. Known as Facilities Management (FM) service contracts, they may apply to:

  • a single site (total FM),
  • or a set of facilities located on various sites (global FM).

To support its customers in finding efficient solutions to the technology, energy, environmental and security challenges related to Facilities Management, SPIE created a dedicated FM Department. Its purpose is to improve the structure of this high value-added technical offer by developing the Group’s expertise in multiservice project management, purchasing, tools and methods.