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Press release
Multitechnical maintenance - New success in securing national maintenance and service contracts
A number of subsidiaries supported by the Services Development Department have secured the renewal of two national contracts representing sales worth about €1 million altogether.
  1. After tough negotiations lasting more than a year and joint efforts by the SPIE Sud-Ouest, SPIE Sud-Est and SPIE Ouest-Centre subsidiaries, the Louvre Hotels group(*) has decided to entrust SPIE with the multitechnical maintenance of 113 of its establishments.
    Under this new agreement, the technical and geographic scope of the contract has been widened and the annual amount has been tripled to nearly €680,000.
  2. In addition, the MMA insurance group, which has its headquarters in Le Mans, France, has chosen to extend its collaboration with SPIE by entrusting it with the maintenance of 49 regional offices and consulting centres scattered all over the country.
    In the face of fierce competition, SPIE successfully justified its prices on the basis of the reliability of its work and the quality of its project supervision.
    This contract, supervised from Le Mans by SPIE Ouest-Centre, will generate business activity worth €350,000 in sales plus works.
These two successes clearly illustrate that, more than ever before, our customers now expect the perfect co-ordination of operations covering the whole of France along with consistent and constant quality on all sites. (*): Bleu Marine, Kyriad, Kyriad Prestige, Campanile and Première Classe hotels, and hotels in the Concorde group Contact  SPIE SA
Pascal Omnès
Directeur de la communication
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