Major projects

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New cistern terminal in Antwerp

SPIE Belgium installed pipelines for a new cistern terminal in Antwerp. The terminal includes approximately 40 reservoirs used to store gasoline, diesel and fuel oil. 

In all, SPIE Belgium installed over 72 km of pipeline with an average diameter of more than 10 in (about 25 cm). For the longest pipeline sections, SPIE used modules. Twelve-metre tubes were welded together to form sections measuring 40 m in length. These sections were then assembled and installed from the water to the wharf. In all, the module consisted of about 300 m of piping. SPIE Belgium also handled heating pipelines (also called coils) inside the reservoirs.


Sven Van Lievendael
Department manager

Tel.: +32 14 28 59 50

Willy De Groote
Department manager

Tel.: +32 9 270 70 10